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À travers ces capsules, découvrez des expressions insolites, des trucs, des anecdotes ou même des drôleries de l’anglais pour mieux comprendre la langue tout en vous divertissant.

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L'anglais en entrevue d'embauche

Une entrevue d'embauche est en soi une situation bien souvent stressante. Le niveau de stress peut augmenter quand on sait qu'une partie de l'entrevue se déroulera en anglais. Voici donc quelques exemples de phrases types ou d'expressions tirées de situations réelles dont vous pourrez vous inspirer pour aborder votre prochaine entrevue plus sereinement.



  •  Comment parler de son expérience générale.


~ The awards that I've won show that I have a proven track record in sales.

~ With a total of 15 years in at 3 major firms, I have a wealth of experience in marketing.

~ I believe my previous employers would agree that I have demonstrated an ability for leadership.


  • Comment décrire son expérience ou ses accomplissments plus précisement.


~ I was able to exploit opportunities in new markets and grow international sales by 30 %.

~ At Turner Enterprises, I helped optimise performance on the factory floor through better scheduling.

~ I didn't just meet my monthly targets, I set a new record for summer sales.

~ One of my first activities was to spearhead an initiative to cut the number of complaints in half.

~ As manager, I championed several causes, including efforts to improve safety and environmental conditions.


  •  Comment parler de l'étendue de ses connaissances.


~ I am well acquainted with the software suites currently being used.

~ During my time at KPMG, I acquired a solid understanding of California tax law.

~ With experience in operations and logistics, I am intimately familiar with all aspects of supply chain management.

~ I would say that I have a firm grasp of the recent changes to government regulations.


  • Comment décrire son attitude face au travail.


~ In an extremely competitive sales department, I think I showed I can remain poised under pressure.

~ My previous employers will tell you that I bring a lot of enthusiasm to my work.

~ I think I have an eye for detail when it comes to proposals and reports.

~ Instead of sitting back and waiting for direction, I prefer to take the initiative and do what needs to be done.

~ As a leader, I usually take a proactive approach to employee dissatisfaction and deal with problems quickly.


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