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7 expressions sur le thème d'Halloween

Pour l'Halloween, j'ai choisi de partager avec vous des expressions idiomatiques anglaises qui ont un lien avec cette fête celebrée le 31 octobre au soir. Elles contiennent toutes des images ou des mots un peu effrayants en lien avec cette journée - sorcières, squelettes, sang, etc.  Les connaissez-vous?

  1. A witch hunt - a targeted attack against one person, for reasons that are not necessarily tangible or obvious.
    ~ At the meeting today, I felt like John was on a witch hunt.
  2. Skeleton staff - the minimum number of employees needed for a business or organization to operate.
    ~ We usually operate on a skeleton staff over the Christmas period.
  3. Skeleton in the/your cupboard/closet - an embarrassing secret.
    ~ Most families have one or two skeletons in their closet.
  4. In cold blood - intentionally and without emotion. (Frequently said of a crime especially murder.)
    ~ The killer walked up and shot  the woman in cold blood.
  5. To make someone's blood boil - to cause someone to be very angry.
    ~ It just makes my blood boil to think of the amount of food that gets wasted around here.
  6. To stab someone in the back -  to betray someone, to harm someone who trusts you. ~ A lot of people in business think they have to stab each other in the back to succeed.
  7. To turn into a pumpkin - used when saying what time you usually go home or go to bed at night.
    ~ it's too late for me. I usually turn into a pumpkin at eleven.

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